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Bulk SMS Service in Delhi, SMS advertising is a scalable and low-cost communication method that is best used for delivering quick content to a large number of mobile users. This marketing technique is very simple but is used to send rich content and offers to a large number of mobile subscribers.

For marketers, SMS is one of the latest, interesting channels of communication. Using this channel, a brand can send information and notifications via text messages to subscribers. For example, a brand can update all its subscribers with ongoing offers, upcoming events, product and service updates and so on.

Our Vision

To deliver a seamless flow of data worldwide and destroy the language obstacle for easy interaction.

Our Mission

To create text messaging marketing easy and comfortable to use technique globally. The benefits of this innovative marketing tool are worth the money being paid on it.

Let the story of your Brand be heard at just one click to millions of Individuals with our Voice SMS Service in Delhi

Is your database not growing fast enough? Are you unable to reach out to the masses with Personalization and relevance? Let us help you boost your database growth by doing Bulk Voice Broadcast for you. We have a huge voice database that can be used for delivering bulk voice messages.

We as a Voice Over Company in Delhi is a leading provider of Bulk voice SMS, from sending personalized messages to broadcasting content to millions of people at one go. Our platform provides a secure network that ensures that your campaign reaches the targeted audience. Record the SMS to deliver a personal feel to the end-users and send the Voice SMS to millions of people at only a single click. You can review the real-time information too to check the significance of the campaign.

StaticKing is one of the pioneers in SMS Marketing and Website Design Company Delhi, India. We believe that every business, irrespective of its size, small, medium or big looks for a way to communicate with its targeted audience, so as to remain relevant. The competition is tough and the only way forward is to have strategies in place that puts them in a position, wherein they are league ahead of their competitors. There is a large interest in going digital, as it offers a platform that is easy to access and has a wider reach. This is where we put our effort to provide ideal solution, When it comes to Website Design and Development, Bulk SMS, Bulk EMail, IVR Services, SEO and Social Media, Cloud Hosting, and more..

Our team of experts and Website Designers in Delhi have years of experience in their respective fields. They do have a knack to find solutions to your problems.


What We Do



Static King is the best bulk sms company in delhi with the sole purpose of promoting your services and products.

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Bulk Voice Calls / OBD basically is a simple communications technology that plays a prerecorded voice message..

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There is no need to introduce the popular mobile messaging and sharing platform WhatsApp. In today's technologically...

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Why should you choose us?

To create text messaging marketing easy and comfortable to use technique globally. The benefits of this innovative marketing tool are worth the money being paid on it.

  • Trusted digital solution to reduce high costs
  • Assistance from a professional and talented team of experts
  • Instant support

What we are offering


Best Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider Company in Delhi

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Send Voice Call From Your Number without using your mobile.

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Whatsapp Marketing

There is no need to introduce the popular mobile messaging and sharing platform WhatsApp.

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In this era, everyone runs behind social media.      

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You Can use your Number/Our Number both option available.

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Short/Long/Dedicated Codes Realtime Reporting and URL

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Interface & Looks

Mobile Apps / Responsive

Free Mobile Apps (Android, iOS, Windows) You can easly manage your account and send sms from mobile apps.

Web Panel (Browser)

Easy to use 100% Responsive Web Panel will give your ultra modern facility to use 150+ Services under Single Account.

Easy to Compose SMS

Compose sms in only 30 Sec. No Confusion just insert number content and send, you can also schedule sms as per time.


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What are Bulk SMS Marketing and Voice Call services? How can it benefit my business?

Bulk SMS Marketing is the key to effective communication that assists a business in sending out many promotional messages & emails to their customers. It is a cost-efficient method that ensures instant communication and high response rates.

Voice Call services deal with the ability to make and receive calls by utilising various technologies such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and cloud-based telephony. Voice call services enable the business to communicate directly with their targeted customers allowing them real-time conversations.

By opting for Bulk SMS Marketing and Voice Call services, you can avail the following benefits:

  • Enhanced communication with your target customers.
  • Instant delivery of Bulk SMS and Emails ensuring prompt communication.
  • Reach out to a wide range of customers simultaneously with SMS marketing and Voice call services.
  • Improved customer engagement with interactive text messaging and email marketing.
  • Bulk SMS Marketing and Voice Call services are affordable and cost-effective solutions for business.
How can Web Design Services help my business grow?

Web design services involve the use of technologies to develop visually appealing and functional interfaces to enhance the user experience. It enables a business to optimise search engines and represent their brand in an attractive way to their clients. Here are the benefits of using web design services for your business:

  • Web Design helps in developing an attractive and appealing first impression on the customers. 
  • It helps enrich the brand identity by creating unique brand visuals.
  • It legitimises your business by providing it with virtual proof of existence.
  • Having a creative and technologically sophisticated web design improves your brand credibility.
  • A website provides you the platform to build your brand by effectively sharing your products and services.
Why should I choose a service provider for Bulk emails, cloud telephony or web development instead of handling it in-house?

Choosing a service provider for your business allows you to explore and improve your brand. You get an expert assigned to carry out the task of Bulk SMS Marketing, Cloud Telephony or Web Development. There are several advantages of choosing a service provider:

  • The respective expert will optimise the user experience by generating leads and facilitating seamless interactions tailoring your business needs.
  • A service provider is a professional that uses the latest technological tools to create and manage the services provided.
  • Opting for a service provider enables you to focus on core business activities by rendering these functions to the experts.
  • It is a time-saving and cost-effective method to help your business grow.
  • Helps your business to enhance its online presence and promotes high sales.
Can I customise the content and design of the Bulk SMS and emails?

Absolutely! A good service provider offers customisation options to tailor the right content and design suitable to the needs of your business. Here is how the process works:

  • Providing all the relevant information to your service provider regarding the type of Bulk SMS or emails you want to send to your customers.
  • Determining the target audience. Your service provider will research the tastes and preferences of your customers.
  • Drafting of content based on the research conducted to make sure the content is interactive and ensure high response rates.
  • The content should always meet the specific requirements and branding guidelines of the business.
  • Reviewing the final draft and looking for any scope for improvement or customisation.
How can I improve user engagement on my website with a service provider? What are the tools they use?

A good service provider operates on advanced technology to enhance the user experience by creating an interface that allows users to connect with your business:

  • Creating a web design that has clear and concise information regarding the product or services your business is providing.
  • The website must be catchy and easy-to-use navigation for the users.
  • Inserting interactive elements such as quizzes and pools to keep the customers engaged.
  • Develop an appealing design and provide the users an option to review or share feedback on websites.
  • Rendering personalised recommendations for the users.

A web development service provider typically works on technologically efficient applications such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Magneto and more. A service provider is flexible in adopting the technology suited to your business needs.

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