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Static King is the best bulk sms company in delhi with the sole purpose of promoting your services and products. Of course, the larger objective is to help you connect with your clients and potential customers, thus increasing your reach and potential.

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Bulk SMS Gateway in Delhi to leverage your Business

Static King is the best bulk sms company in delhi with the sole purpose of promoting your services and products. Of course, the larger objective is to help you connect with your clients and potential customers, thus increasing your reach and potential.

There are numerous methods to foster business products and their services. Bulk SMS is the most ancient, vastly accepted, and extensively successful mode of business promotion. All you need to do is locate the promising sms assistance provider and begin the sms service for your business advertising. Static King is one of the most prevalent and experienced Bulk SMS gateway in Delhi.

We offer a variety of SMS services to help you grow your company. You may reach out to many prospects who may one day become your clients by using their bulk SMS services in Delhi. Your leads can subscribe to and receive updates about upcoming deals and offers, which you can use to entice them to visit your store.

Best Bulk SMS Reseller company in Delhi

Give your business the much-needed push and boost by employing the services of a Bulk SMS Reseller in Delhi. is trying to usher in a new era by providing exclusive promotional SMS service that goes a long way in giving you access to technology. As a result, you can quickly and easily send bulk promotional SMS to numerous users without encountering too many obstacles.

Our SMS service in Delhi

Along with our widespread sms services in Delhi, we also assist with sms marketing in Delhi. Our bulk SMS solutions cater to the demand of growing businesses as it's an adequate tool for business owners to reach their consumers at the proper time. It is one of the effortless options to advertise over television or radio. Most of the large businesses in the country prefer advertising their products through sms.

Why Choose Static King for Bulk SMS Marketing in Delhi?

● You can send bulk voice-over sms services to give a more personalized feel to your subscribers.

● With sms marketing in Delhi, you can reach out to many leads simultaneously.

● You get the genuine report of all the sms that are being sent.

● It's a user-friendly and cheapest mode of marketing.

● You can send sms even in local languages to give it a more customized touch. With a bulk sms company in Delhi, you can also schedule future sms to your customers.

StaticKing offers a complete SMS Solution for companies who want to send bulk SMS. We have a very simple and powerful platform where you can easily create campaigns, track results and manage subscribers. You can use our SMS API to integrate with any software or application that needs to send out bulk SMS.

Types of Bulk SMS Service

Transactional SMS Service Delhi

Transactional SMS service is a simple, yet effective way to reach out to your customers. With applications in enterprises, retail, eCommerce, real estate, etc., it helps businesses stay in touch with their customers. The short code SMS messages are sent via a network of telecom operators.

We are the best Transactional SMS company in Delhi, offering you the flexibility that grants you the liberty to transmit SMS from anywhere at any time. All that you do require is good internet connectivity. The whole tool is meant to be used with comparable comfort and you can of course achieve the benefits at very reasonable prices. Using very straightforward steps at exceptionally cheaper terms, you have an opportunity to reach out and widen your horizon.

Promotional Bulk SMS Service

No one can rule out the significance of practical technology when it comes to boosting the business of any sort. Progressive technology is a boon for businesses as multiple people can be addressed within a moment due to the altering tradition of the procedure.

Nowadays, traditional modes of business advertising are losing their applicability and concerned businesses are showing their curiosity towards our bulk sms company delhi. It is because of the comfort and the impressive outcomes of the strategy that a large number of businesses are choosing bulk sms for marketing. Since everyone keeps a mobile phone today; it is not stunning that such business advertising via electronic devices is highly beneficial for businesses.

Promotional SMS service proves outstanding for businesses that like to foster their products and services to consumers. The SMS can be utilized to declare openly new products, particular offers, recent openings, etc. We are the Largest provider of bulk sms marketing in Delhi and help you to effectively send promotional sms to leads and customers to encourage them to buy your products and services again.

Our company carries combinations of strategies for every kind of customer so that he can stick around in touch with his aimed consumers. It is our priority to promote your product as well as services by enforcing our strategy suitably. Our success proportion is relatively high and thus we manage to retain our leading clients during the revival of their packages. You must not delay any more in reaching us if you intend to reach your business to great heights in the upcoming years.


Text Messaging

All Types of SMS under Single Accounts. Promotional, Transactional, API, Plugins, 10 Digit SIM Based and more..


Bulk SMS

Campaigning Don't Waste your time in SMS Sending, We will do it for you on our Premium Database


Guaranteed Lead via SMS

Send Bulk SMS by Putting IVR Number in SMS Content and Get Direct Leads Call from customer


URL Tracking

Send Any URL via SMS Our server auto create a small url and provide proper Tracking Report of Every SMS


Generate Traffic

Get Maximum Trafic on your Website/Apps via Bulk SMS with analytics, It's on CPO Basis


Report & Analytics

Crystal Clear Delivery report with live status, Our Advance DLR give you assurity that your sms delivered or not


Rapport Building

Notify your Clients Via SMS and Build Your Rapport, It's Doesn't matter from which Business vertical you are


100% Responsive UI

Advancement of technology is a reality of this ultra modern world and thus its outcome does not seem an unreal too.



(Hum se Behtar or Kon? We are Unique)


Validity Unlimited

Sender ID as per Plans (Like: AM-STKING, AM-001234, 99910xxxxx)

100% DND Filtered

100% DND Refund in All Routes

100% Live Delivery

100% Responsive Web Panel

SMS Sending Time: 9 AM - 9 PM (IST)

Delivery Time: Instant or as per traffic

4 SMS Type Support : Text, Flash, Unicode, Unicode with Flash

Hindi, English and 10 Other Regional Language Support

Phone Book / Group Option

SMS Scheduling

Excel Upload (.csv)

HTTP,XML, Bulk API (Post and Get Both)

Customized/Personalize/Dynamic SMS Feature

Instant Activation

Free Demo Account

Free Lifetime Support


SMS Open report

Operator / Circle wise Report

OS (Android / iOS) Report

Location / City wise Report

IP Address Report

Pin Code Report

Country wise Report

Browser wise Report

ISP Report

Latitude and Longitude Report


URL Tracking (for every SMS)

Our Panel capable to send 3000 SMS/Sec.

150+ Live Services under Single Account

Free Plugins and Developer Support

100% Whitelabel Panel for Resellers

3 Support Option: Phone, Email, Ticket



Why static king is the Best Bulk SMS Company in Delhi?

Reputation: We have a good reputation for our high-end services. You can check the reputation of the service provider by going through the client reviews and testimonials.

Features and services: Always check out the organization that offers services that meet your requirements. For example, it should allow you to send customized messages to your clients.

Price: We provide top services at comparable prices. Customer service: We provide exceptional customer support to render complete peace of mind to them.

What are the benefits of using bulk SMS service?

There are several benefits of using bulk SMS service

Cost-effective: Bulk Sms service is the most suitable and budget-friendly mode for communicating with a large number of clients at a time.

High open rate: Being the most trustworthy way to relate with clients, bulk SMS is supposed to retain a higher open rate than other ways of transmission.

Immediate delivery*: One of the greatest benefits of SMS service is that announcements through messages are delivered to business consumers within no time.

High response rate: High response rate makes SMS services quite an effective way to immerse more audiences and boost sales.

Customization: With the use of SMS services you can send customized SMS to each of your customers according to their patterns of shopping.

Why Static King is Best for Bulk SMS Services?
Static King offers to send Bulk SMS Services Delhi to the clients instantly. They are one of the reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi. They allow users to use the services for a reasonable price.
What is Bulk SMS API?
Bulk SMS API is a platform that connects to many software solutions and is the fastest way to deliver transactional SMS to your clients. A bulk SMS service is a technology that allows customers to send text messages to phone numbers through an SMS gateway.
What is The Content Template in DLT?
Content Templatesare text messages that an organization or business must have approved by the DLT platform before delivering Bulk SMS. According to the New TRAI regulations, businesses and enterprises must register their SMS messages as content templates on the DLT SMS platform.
How much is the length of an SMS message?
1280 Characters is the maximum number of characters that can be sent using SMS API. The length of the characters varies and depends on the SMS API providers. Some SMS API providers even allow sending upto 3200 characters. Every SMS is having a limit of 160 characters, each added characteris having counts of 153. 7 characters that are left are used as codes that inform the device to merge the entire message. This way it is sent a long message rather than several messages.
What are Bulk SMS services and which types For Bulk SMS?
Bulk SMS is classified into two types: Transactional Bulk SMS — These SMS deliver urgent or critical information to both DND and non-DND subscribers. Promotional Bulk SMS — This kind of SMS is mainly used for promotingand marketing products or services exclusively to non-DND phones between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.
What is Sender ID?
The Name or the number of the SMS message sender is referred to as Sender ID. Sender Id allows the receiverto have the identification of the sender. Sender format may vary as they are depending on carrier and country. Sender ID can be an international number, domestic number, short codes with a maximum of 6 digits, and any alphanumeric characters.
Total Number of SMS can besent in a single day?
SMS API lets you send 60 messages directly from the carrier connection of the device and 250 from the operator networks worldwide. SMS gets delivered within seconds and having a more than 98% open rate.
What are the benefits of Bulk SMS SERVICES?
One of the most significant advantages of bulk SMS marketing is that text messages have higher open rates than phone calls or emails. SMS marketing services are a benefit to any business looking for rapid and effective customer care because 98 percent of messages sent are opened.
Which kind of SMS can I send on DND numbers?
Bulk SMS can be sent to DND phones; however, the message should not be promotional. The transactional route is used to give consumers urgent and vital communications about a product or service. These SMS may be sent 24 hours a day, seven days a week.