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Do you by any means looking for a local or international Bulk SMS Aggregator? In that case, the need of the hour is to locate a reliable SMPP Server Delhi that goes a long way to address your concerns. To an extent, handling the mechanism can be complicated. At the same time, you have to make sure to have a sustained growth. To effectively manage the business of Bulk SMS, you can count upon the SMPP Gateway Service Provider in Delhi by us at Static King. We identify areas and provide solutions that solely focuses on the customer's specific requirement.

How you stand to benefit with us
The SMPP server made available by us is a powerful product that can help you to manage the SMS business in the best possible way. It has been designed such that it can work with any Kannel or any third party applications, based on the various available versions.

What more, with us, you can operate the entire system, without having to make use of any coding. The system is crafted such that it can be operated by anyone and for the same, it does not require having any technical knowledge as such. For the same purpose, the user friendly web interferences provides you an excellent opportunity to create SMPP users, thus increasing the potential of your venture.

With us at Static King, there is no limit. You can scale new heights and the SMPP server delivers on what it is meant for. It is essentially about intelligent management of the server. Even if the connection is somewhat lost, the server ensures to balance the output, by loading and holding the messages at a stable rate.

The SMPP server Provider Delhi at Static King intends to delivers on what you are looking for. At the end of the day, it is all about getting the basics right and this is what we do best.

100% White Label Panel
100% Means 100% No one can find from where you buying the sms and who is the owner of the SMS Application
Mobile Apps for Reseller
You will get free mobile apps for your reseller or user, easy to compose personal sms and sent item, it's free
Actual/Virtual Credit Option
Why You buy full credit from your vendor when you have actual virtual option, Only pay for
Actual Credit
Delivery Quality Management
You can manage Delivery quality on user account basis, what ever you want to give delivery % you can.
Industry Best Price
Our Price and Features are unique, We always try to provide best price so you can't find same in the market.

Priority Route on Request
Want to push heavy campaign or send OTP related sms just call/mail us we will set that particular account on HI-Priority

URL Tracking
Send Any URL via SMS Our server auto create a small url and provide proper Tracking Report of Every SMS
Multi Level Reseller
Multi Level Reseller, You can Add unlimited user/reseller under your reseller accounts at no extra cost
Cristal Clear Delivery Report
Crystal Clear Delivery report with live status, Our Advance DLR give you assurity that your sms delivered or not
99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
We have 10+ SMPP Backup Server and using TIER 4-Data Centre, Cloud Hosting Server so there is no chance to downtime in any situation.
Secure with SSL Certificate
All Server are secured with Secure Certificate Authority - G2. and all password is encripted, So security can't be compermised.
Instant Sender ID Approval
It doesn't matter whcih route you using are, Maximum 30 Min. Sender Id Approval Time will give unique experience with us.

Reseller 150+ Services From Single Accounts
You can manage 150 services from one web panel likes: Promo sms, Trans. SMS, Voice Call, MissCall, IVR and more.
100% Responsive UI
100% Responsive Panel, Advancement of technology is a reality of this ultra modern world and thus its outcome does not seem an unreal too.
Developer API
HTTP-API, XML, SDK, Web Plugins easy to use Parameter with Free Developer Support who best for any Application.


(Hum se Behtar or Kon?, We are Unique)


100% Mobile Responsive Web Panel

Login Page

Login Via Facebook / Google

Custom Signup

Social Signup

Signup OTP Verification

Auto Fetch FB/Google Profile Photo in the Panel

Credit Log

DND Bulk Checking (INDIAN Number Only)

SMS Campaigning

Supported Bulk Shoot e.g. 500k contacts in one go

Scheduling support

Compose SMS

Dynamic SMS

Sender id Addition route wise

SMS Types supported

Text SMS

Multi-part/Long SMS


Flash SMS

Flash + Unicode

Group SMS / Phone Book Name wise

Sent item

Delivery Report Download option

Delivery report filter option

URL TRACKING with auto URL Shortner

SMS Open report

Operator / Circle wise Report

OS (Android / iOS) Report

Location / City wise Report

IP Address Report

Pin Code Report

Country wise Report

Browser wise Report

ISP Report

Latitude and Longitude Report

Delivered / Sent / failed Report


Get and Post Supported

Send SMS

Text, Flash, Unicode

Balance Check API

DLR fetch API

Bulk Push API

As Per Requested Features

Other Language Can be Implemented

Unicode/Another Language setting as per Language

Sender id Setting according to Country

Sub Account under user/reseller account

User privilege management


User Panel to All

100% Mobile Responsive Web Panel

Login Page

Login Via Facebook / Google

Custom Signup

Social Signup

Signup OTP Verification

Auto Fetch FB/Google Profile Photo in the Panel

All features available to Client

Unlimited clients & sub-resellers

Assign multiple routes to single user

View complete account details & activity of user

Credit/debit account

Allow/revoke features like API usage, SMS types etc.

View Transaction history & Logs

White-label Website

Favicon update

Background image update

White label domain update

Logo update

Title update

Select website or simple login box as homepage

Open IP Login

For Administrators

All the features of Resellers & Clients

SMPP Route added in direct kannel via Putty/CMD

All sent item

Sent item filter by route/sender id/ user id and more

Actual Virtual Credit option

Delivery quality management

User wise quality management

Route wise smpp assign

Sender id approval/rejection route wise

Notification sent to clients/reseller/all

Change user type

Actual Virtual Assign to reseller

Gateway Online/Offline/Queue Page

Daily/weekly/Monthly Sent & Delivered

Top SMS consumers

Top SMS resellers

Kannel Management from web panel

Kannel Queue view page from web panel

Kannel Start/stop from Backend

Top SMS consumers

Top SMS resellers


Voice Broadcasting module {API Provided by Clients} (INR 5000)

Missed Call Alerts Module {API Provided by Clients} (INR 5000)

2 Way Message: Short/Long code module {API Provided by Clients} (INR 5000)

Android Apps Installs module {API Provided by Us} (INR 5000)

Social media (70+ Live Services) Module {API Provided by Us} (INR