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Bulk SMS Service in Gujarat is the most reliable and cost-effective way of sending messages to your customers. There are so many ways that you can use bulk SMS in your business, whether it be informing them of a promotion or just simply letting them know about your new product.

SMS marketing has been popular for a long time, and it is used as the best mode of communication between businesses and their clients. This can be done by delivering a short message to all the customers or targeted groups in one go. Bulk SMS is the most effective way of sending out information to thousands of people.

SMS marketing has been popular for a long time, and it is used as the best mode of communication between businesses and their clients. This can be done by delivering a short message to all the customers or targeted groups in one go. Bulk SMS is the most effective way of sending out information to thousands of people.

Difference between promotional SMS and transactional SMS

A Promotional SMS is usually sent to announce a new product or service from a company. It will be delivered to the mobile users who have not opted for the DND facility whereas Transactional SMS is the text messages sent from the merchants to their customers for order confirmation and status updates. These kinds of messages are delivered between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Transactional SMS is used for sending important information which is of critical importance to the recipient. Such messages can be sent anytime and are usually delivered within 30 seconds. It is used for delivering information related to banking, stock markets, e-commerce, etc. such as the delivery schedule of a courier service or any other business transactions.

Bulk SMS service in Gujrat is a powerful tool to reach out to your target customers and build brand image, promote new products or services and create awareness in a short period of time. Our bulk SMS service is reliable, high performance, cost-effective, scalable and flexible software to send a large number of messages in various formats.

Transactional SMS: An SMS is sent to the recipient for a specific task like appointment reminder, delivery updates about an order, or booking confirmations. The recipient is alerted to take action based on the message sent by the sender.

Promotional SMS software is a more effective tool for marketing your business. It also allows you to interact with your customers on a personal level as well as gives you the flexibility of sending bulk messages to multiple recipients at one time. This is a useful marketing strategy that can help you save money and time.

SMS is a very powerful marketing tool to improve your business. It's the most widely used and most effective method of providing information to customers.

When it comes to sending bulk SMS, you need to worry less about your mobile bill and stay connected with your customers 24/7. Send an unlimited number of messages using our reliable bulk SMS service in Gujarat at the most affordable price. We have a dedicated team of professionals working hard to make sure that we exceed customer expectations.

SMS Marketing Services Available at Local Vendor

It's very easy to reach out to a large number of audience in an effective manner. When choosing a bulk SMS services provider, you need to check whether the vendor is reliable and trustworthy. It is meaningful to seek bulk SMS Companies in Gujarat to effectively reach the audience for regaining complete advantages from SMS marketing strategy. For this purpose, you can check the credentials and past experience of the SMS service provider.

Advance Bulk SMS Software is a cloud-based platform to send and receive notifications, alerts and reminders. It provides you with the ability to send unlimited messages at one go with just a few clicks.

With SMS marketing, a business can reach its audience instantly. The process is simple and doesn't involve any formalities. Once the message is drafted, the vendor will send it to customers directly via mobile number.

Powerful Merits of Bulk SMS

Long-term relationship with customers :

Bulk SMS service will help you to create good and long term relationships with your customers and will also make you have a trustworthy image in the market which is very important for any business to flourish. Bulk SMS provider in Gujrat will not leave any of your customers to provide details. This builds a feeling of belongingness in the senses of the customers which will enable them to create a connection with your company and brand and will be faithful towards your label and will delegate your business.

Improvise Marketing :

SMS Marketing is an ideal marketing strategy that can be used by both small and big businesses to promote their products and services. The best part of this service is its ability to reach out to a large number of people at one time which saves you time and effort.

Cost-efficient and permission-based:

Bulk SMS is a great platform to communicate and reach various people at one go. This is totally opt-in for people and their consumers. This can be done in a very cost-effective manner, which has increased its popularity. It is one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience, peers and other people who matter in your life. You can send bulk text messages through this platform anytime and anywhere you want.

Compelling Features of Bulk SMS

Diligent Excel Upload:

Effective Dashboard

Excel PlugIn:

Excel Plugin permits you to transmit SMS from your computer. Send SMS online from your excel sheet.

Developer API:

Bulk SMS Creator API Documentation ( Single / numerous SMS through HTTP ) for website and software integration.

SSL Secure Gateway

Our bulk SMS gateway is completely SSL Secure and you can relax ensured that your data is secure.

Effective Dashboard

Easily send numerous bulk SMS directly from the dashboard and handle everything from a single location.

High Speed

We rely on a high-speed SMS gateway to deliver your SMS at the correct duration to your targeted audience.

Select Language

We offer Unicode SMS assistance for national & regional vocabularies. Dispatch Unicode SMS to your regional customers.

Long Length Messages

Our software provides you with the characteristic to deliver messages longer than the usual SMS limit of 160 characters.

Upload a Contact List

Build a database of all the reference names & numbers of your customers with our easy to upload attribute.


We hope that you have found our blog post about using the bulk SMS service in Gujarat helpful! If you have any questions or concerns, we request you to reach us anytime. Thank you for your patience while reading. We are forever thrilled when one of our posts is capable to offer useful knowledge on a subject like this!

The rise in the number of mobile users has affected the business advertizing a lot. It has given the businesses a new way to promote their products or Bulk SMS Reseller in Gujarat. As the maximum number of people have mobile phones, so the SMS or short message service has become the most effective way to reach to maximum number of customers. Through this, you can easily keep your customers informed about your business promotional offers and discounts.

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Benefits of Availing Services for Bulk SMS Gujarat

You will have numerous benefits from our offered service for promotional SMS. Have a look at the benefits that you can have:

  • Support in reaching to maximum clients
  • Enhanced customer relation
  • Increase in sales
  • Improvement in business branding
  • Good return on investment

Text Messaging

All Types of SMS under Single Accounts. Promotional, Transactional, API, Plugins, 10 Digit SIM Based and more..


Bulk SMS Campaigning

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Guaranteed Lead via SMS

Send Bulk SMS by Putting IVR Number in SMS Content and Get Direct Leads Call from customer


URL Tracking

Send Any URL via SMS Our server auto create a small url and provide proper Tracking Report of Every SMS


Generate Traffic

Get Maximum Trafic on your Website/Apps via Bulk SMS with analytics, It's on CPO Basis


Report & Analytics

Crystal Clear Delivery report with live status, Our Advance DLR give you assurity that your sms delivered or not


Rapport Building

Notify your Clients Via SMS and Build Your Rapport, It's Doesn't matter from which Business vertical you are


100% Responsive UI

Advancement of technology is a reality of this ultra modern world and thus its outcome does not seem an unreal too.


Developer API

HTTP-API, XML, SDK, Web Plugins easy to use Parameter with Free Developer Support who best for any Application.



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Validity Unlimited

Sender ID as per Plans (Like: AM-STKING, AM-001234, 99910xxxxx)

100% DND Filtered

100% DND Refund in All Routes

100% Live Delivery

100% Responsive Web Panel

SMS Sending Time: 9 AM - 9 PM (IST)

Delivery Time: Instant or as per traffic

4 SMS Type Support : Text, Flash, Unicode, Unicode with Flash

Hindi, English and 10 Other Regional Language Support

Phone Book / Group Option

SMS Scheduling

Excel Upload (.csv)

HTTP,XML, Bulk API (Post and Get Both)

Customized/Personalize/Dynamic SMS Feature

Instant Activation

Free Demo Account

Free Lifetime Support


SMS Open report

Operator / Circle wise Report

OS (Android / iOS) Report

Location / City wise Report

IP Address Report

Pin Code Report

Country wise Report

Browser wise Report

ISP Report

Latitude and Longitude Report


URL Tracking (for every SMS)

Our Panel capable to send 3000 SMS/Sec.

150+ Live Services under Single Account

Free Plugins and Developer Support

100% Whitelabel Panel for Resellers

3 Support Option: Phone, Email, Ticket